Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer

When the State of Texas levels a criminal charge against you, call an Austin attorney that practices criminal defense law. The instant they slap on the cuffs, you face high fines, punitive sanctions and time behind bars. The government has seemingly endless resources to use against people who are accused. That’s why you need an experienced criminal defense attorney that can push back, challenge law enforcement’s allegations, evidence and protect your rights and interests. Call the Law Office of Brendan T. Wood immediately.

Wrongful Search and Seizures

In many cases, the police believe they have enough evidence to charge you because they have used their search and seizure powers to gain access to thing such as physical evidence, reports and electronic messages. They are given a great deal of discretion under the law to fulfill their duties. However, they too are required to follow lawful practices.

It is not uncommon for officers to step over the line or exceed proper protocol and procedure. They must have a reasonable belief that a crime is underway to pull you over or search your things. If not, the police are required to get a search warrant. This is a common error made by officers in DWI and drug possession cases. When they exceed their lawful authority, an experienced Austin attorney can get the information gathered thrown out of court. Many times, the case goes with it.

Challenging The State’s Criminal Case

The police and prosecutors build criminal cases based on evidence and that evidence can be challenged. Things such as eye witness testimony in assaultive offenses and thefts tend to be quite unreliable. People commonly misidentify suspects due to stress, distraction, racial makeup and lack of unique physical characteristics. Cases that rely on eye witnesses can come tumbling down under forceful examination.

As a law firm that deals with evidence on a daily basis, it’s clear that science is not precise. Breathalyzers often produce false readings, items can be tainted during collection and sometimes labs just make mistakes. Science does not remove human error from the equation and information can be interpreted in a variety of ways.

Work With An Austin Criminal Defense Attorney

Being charged with a criminal offense does not mean that state will be able to gain a conviction. There are numerous items that can be challenged from the initial stop to evidence collection to rights violations. Having an Austin criminal attorney that can actually spot the weaknesses of the state’s accusations, and convey those weaknesses to a judge or jury may lead them to work out a reasonable plea agreement or drop the charges altogether. If you have been charged with a crime, call the Law Office of Brendan T. Wood.

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